Nazareth-Souvenir, How It All Began:

In his early days and childhood, Jesus of Nazareth was probably wandering around
the green vast open land of the Galilee, the Holy Land. In my vision I can clearly see
how he was climbing on Old ancient Olive Trees, touching and breathing the green
grass & flowers of the Galilee fields, listening to the birds and the bees…
The same sights (I am so familiar with) Trees, fields, Ancient Holy Landscape I grew
around with, part of my very own childhood in a small tiny village in "Jizrael Valley"
(few miles from today's city of Nazareth).
The same precious, spiritual good old land, that’s where it all began,
My name is Uri, I am 30 years old- Israeli, Jewish young man and I possess an
endless hunger for learning more about other cultures and religions – I naturally feel very
close to my ancient Christian brothers and sisters.

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Nazareth-Souvenir Mission:
To offer those who can’t afford a visit to the Holy Land - A glimpse!
Those who yearn and dream - A taste!
And for those who forgot the chance to reunite back again.

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